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6-21-16: Daniel Rothman was able to secure a dismissal of his client's charge of Felony Domestic Assault via Strangulation.  After fighting the case for several months the state gave up on the charge and the Court even required that the State pay the court costs for the case.  After two years the client will be able to also expunge the arrest record so that the public will not be able to see that he was ever charged.


5-20-16: Daniel Rothman's client was charged with OWI in Story county on St. Patrick's day.  Mr. Rothman was able to show the prosecutor that the officer gave false and misleading information to the Defendant, regarding testing consequences.  The State decided to amend the charge to public intoxication with a fine, which the client took.  The entire case (including the allegation of OWI) will also be expunged. 


5-17-2016: Daniel Rothman's client was charged with Domestic Assault, 2nd offense.  During two months of litigation Mr. Rothman was able to first secure her release from jail while the charge was pending.  He then got the no-contact order dropped.  Finally, all charges were dismissed by the state.


2-25-2016: Daniel Rothman's client was charged with OWI 2nd and Possession of Marijuana in Dallas County.  The prosecutor had to dismiss the charge after Daniel Rothman showed that the officer had illegally detained and searched the client.  As a result the client will not lose his driving privileges or have any criminal record as the arrest record can be expunged.


2-5-2016: Daniel Rothman's client was charged with Theft in the 3rd degree.  The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charge after Daniel Rothman filed a motion to dismiss, citing to a technicality in the state's attorney charging documents.  As a result this client qualifies to have the original record of the arrest and charge expunged from the public record after 6 months. 


1-13-2016: Daniel Rothman’s client was charged with Possession of Narcotics in Cerro Gordo county.  After showing the prosecutor that the arresting officer violated established search and seizure case law (from Mr. Rothman’s Court of appeals case, State vs Scanlon), all charges were dismissed.  As a result the client qualifies to have the original record of the arrest and charge expunged from the public record.


1-7-2016: As a result of a contested motion to suppress hearing by Daniel Rothman, the court excluded all of the State’s evidence after it was shown by the defense, that the officers had given false testimony at the hearing regarding their basis to stop and search the Client’s car.  The Court noted that the inconsistencies in the officers testimony compared to the video, rendered their testimony “unreliable” about what occurred before the video had started.  The client’s charge of felony possession of methamphetamine was dismissed.


12-16-2015: Daniel Rothman and Bill Brewer’s client was charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and a Parole violation.  After a contested motion to suppress hearing, the court threw out all of the Prosecution’s evidence after it was shown by the defense that the police officer conducted an illegal search.  All charges and the violation were dismissed and the client was released from custody.

Daniel Rothman’s client was charged with a class D felony for falsifying an application to acquire a firearm.  This charge is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.  After showing that the client received inaccurate legal advice from a lawyer in a different firm, the state amended the charge to a simple misdemeanor with a $100 fine and no probation, jail or prison, even though the Client had several previous felony convictions. 

Daniel Rothman and Frank Steinbach represented a volunteer firefighter charged with three separate arson charges.  After 7 months of litigation the client was able to avoid convictions on all three charges.  The matter can be expunged.

 After 11 months of litigation Daniel Rothman was able to secure a dismissal for his client who had been charged with the Felony charge of Possession of Narcotics with Intent to Deliver.  The client was convicted of no charges and will not be on probation or have to serve any time at all.  Eventually, even the arresting officer stated he thought the client did not commit the crime charged.

 Bill Brewer was able to get his client’s charges for Carrying a Concealed Weapons dismissed even though 6 dangerous weapons were originally alleged to have been found in the client’s possession and the client had an extensive prior record of felony convictions.

 Daniel Rothman secured a dismissal for his client on Domestic Assault charges.  The charges were dismissed with prejudice and the State even agreed to pay for the court costs.


6-2-2015: Daniel Rothman got his client’s charges reduced from felony level domestic assault (up to 5 years in prison) to non-domestic simple assault with a fine and no probation.


5-5-2015: Daniel Rothman obtained a not guilty verdict at trial on the charge of Drag Racing.  His client was facing a mandatory revocation of their driver’s license if convicted.

 Daniel Rothman secures a not guilty verdict at trial for his client who had been charged with theft in Polk County.  The client was also facing a probation violation that will now be dismissed.


4-2-2015: Daniel Rothman obtained a dismissal, after several months of litigation, for his client who had been charged with Domestic Assault.  The Polk County Attorney’s office indicated to the court that the dismissal was “in the interest of justice”.

Daniel Rothman gets all of his client’s charges dismissed.  The charges included kidnapping, a class C felony as well as assault with intent to commit sex abuse; Child endangerment; and assault with a dangerous weapon.


2-26-2015: Daniel Rothman and Bill Brewer help their client, who was facing 25 years on a Class B felony charge for 1st Degree robbery, get time served and no felony conviction even though he allegedly used a machete to rob a store.


2-19-2015: Daniel Rothman convinces the sentencing judge that no jail should be imposed on his client’s 3rd strike cocaine offense although the state was asking for jail based on his history and resisting arrest in the current case.


1-20-2015: Daniel Rothman and Frank Steinbach successfully argued that a client's rights were violated by the officer at the client's DOT hearing. The judge ruled that due to the violations, that related to the client's commercial driver's license rights notification, the client should not lose his commercial driver's license or his regular driving privileges.

1-13-2015: Daniel Rothman obtained a ruling from a Polk county judge after he successfully argued that the police officer did not achieve the reasonable grounds standard regarding operation. This win will mean that the client will not be convicted of any criminal charge and the Iowa DOT must also yield to this ruling.

9-17-2014: The court grants Daniel Rothman’s motion to suppress based on the officer not meeting the reasonable grounds standard as required by Iowa OWI law before field sobriety tests can be preformed. The Judge suppressed all evidence of field testing, all admissions made by the client and the positive cocaine test that was later administered. This suppression also requires that the DOT restore the Defendant’s driving privileges.


9-12-2014: Daniel Rothman’s client avoids an Aggravated misdemeanor conviction and deportation after it was shown to the court that the arresting officer used a Spanish translation of the Implied Consent Advisory that was defective. Such an error is a violation of the Due Process clause of the US and Iowa constitution.


8-28-14: A local Judge grants Daniel Rothman motion to suppress after it was shown that the Client’s alleged refusal was not a refusal at all, as the client had medical issues that prohibited him from giving a sufficient breath sample.

5-9-2014: A Polk County Judge grants Daniel Rothman motion to suppress based on an illegal stop leaving the state with no evidence for trial. The client’s driver’s license will be reinstated with the OWI sanction stricken from his DOT history.

5-5-2014: A Polk county prosecutor amends Daniel Rothman’s client’s charge from OWI 2nd offense to reckless driving and public intoxication even though a breath test above .08 was collected and the client had a car accident. The client will not serve any jail or be on probation


2-10-2014: A Dallas County jury finds Frank Steinbach’s client not guilty of harassment after on deliberating on the matter for 30 minutes.


1-15-2014: A Polk County prosecutor dismisses all Domestic assault charges against Daniel Rothman’s client on the morning of trial.

1-3-2014: A Story County Judge grants Daniel Rothman and Frank Steinbach’s motion to suppress.  The client’s driver’s license was reinstated with the OWI sanction stricken from his DOT history.   He is also able to get the criminal charges completely removed from his record.

Know Your Rights

•You should contact an attorney at the earliest possible opportunity after you are placed under arrest.
• You should arrange and ask for your attorney to be present.
• Know that all statements you make in the presence of officers can and will be used against you in all criminal and civil matters. This includes statements that you had been drinking or that you had been at a place where alcohol is sold.
• Know what the consequences of taking and failing or refusing the Datamaster breath test at the station are, both in your criminal case and through civil proceedings with the Department of Transportation.
• Know how the taking or refusing Datamaster breath test can affect your commercial driver’s license.
• Know your rights regarding phone calls and in person communications with attorneys prior to taking the breath test.
• Know your rights to obtain an independent blood test to challenge a breath test that was not accurate.